Meet The Team

Ben and Jamie met at the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance in London. Since meeting they have written in excess of 100 songs and performed at hundreds of shows across Europe. Together they are the songwriters for City Of Thieves, who recently signed a worldwide deal with Frontiers Records SRL.

Away from the band, they both have a passion for sharing their experience and knowledge.

Jamie Lailey

Currently signed to Frontiers Records SRL as lead singer and bass player of City Of Thieves.

Since graduating from the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance in London with a BA(Hons) in Popular Music Performance, he has accumulated over 12 years experience performing across Europe at hundreds of live shows including some prestigious festivals.

Jamie has a passion for sharing his knowledge and enthusiasm for music with people who may not have had the chance to experience live performances in groups or bands.

Specialising in group performance workshops he has been a resident tutor in secondary schools in various London Boroughs for over 10 years. Sessions focus on bringing young people of different musical backgrounds and abilities together to develop their understanding of their instruments and their specific roles within bands.  The aim is then to recreate faithful representations of all their favourite current songs.  Sessions are always tailored to the abilities of specific groups and work on the most current music available. With his learning aims focused on inclusion and teamwork, as well as building confidence in communication and performance, he has also become extremely adept at dealing with various learning difficulties such as Autism and Asperger's.

He is also a highly sought after private tutor with experience from people aged 6 - 60 for private guitar and bass lessons from absolute beginners to advanced players who want to reach the top of their game.

Ben Austwick


Currently Signed to Frontiers Records SRL as Lead Guitar player of 'City Of Thieves'.

Using his Grade 8 electric guitar certificate acquired at the age of 16 Ben fast tracked a place at the Institute of Contemporary Performance in London and subsequently graduated with a Diploma and BA(Hons) degree in Popular Music Performance by the age of 20. His live career pre dates the completion of his education when he walked on stage professionally for the first time at just 17.

Over the last 12 years, Ben has accumulated over 500 live performances Europe wide and has become an extremely sought after one to one tutor across the south east with over 50 students on his books at any one time.

Ben has a passion for helping people experience the same joy that music has brought to him. Specialising in effective simplification of music while maintaining a faithful representation of the original song to enable people of all abilities to access and enjoy performing music, Including young children, adults, elderly and people with learning difficulties and ADHD