Live Performance Workshop

We turn any group of up to 30 people into a live band - no musical experience necessary.  

You will play real instruments including electric guitars, bass guitars, drums, keyboards and compact PA system to faithfully reproducing smash hit songs.

Use our workshops to energise your sales force, reinvigorate your management teams, and create engagement and motivation amongst your people.  The benefits are plentiful, practical and immediate.

 We break down selected songs into component parts for each instrument and vocals.  We give each person an instrument/microphone and a specific role (a musical chord, a verse of the song).  Everyone then works together, under our guidance, to gradually build up the ensemble, until the original song emerges – delivered in your own unique style.  Our facilitators are skilled professional musicians, as well as being experienced and engaging trainers.  They are expert at helping everyone - even the unconfident/unskilled  - to unlock their inner Axl Rose/Amy Winehouse/Elvis Presley/Jimi Hendrix/Bjorn Ulvaes……



Our unique colour coded counting system and our cleverly adapted instruments means ANY GROUP can become a Team Beats band!

Team Beats Workshops In Action